How to cheat in Among us Game (Updated October 2020)

The vitality of the game Among Us Hack cheat makes the number of players in this one game increase every day. Unfortunately, this is actually used by cheaters to disrupt the game. In fact, there is a cheat called Among Us Hack cheat Radar Impostor which can make crewmates immediately know who is acting as Impostor. This cheat will indirectly make Among Us no longer fun. Given the excitement of this game lies in the action of accusations in determining who is the bad and the good. To make it easier for you to find out whether there are cheaters, let's take a peek at the list of Among Us game cheats that are starting to appear. Unlock All Skins, Hat, Pet Cheat, this game Among Us is considered the most popular and is widely used by players. Where these players can immediately get skins, hats, and pets for free. Although it doesn't harm other players, this cheat will be very detrimental to InnerSloth, as the game developer.

Always Impostor What role you get in the game will of course be automatically set by the system. This makes some players who want to become Impostors choose to cheat. Through this Always Impostor cheat, players can continue to get the Impostor role. Compared to Crewmate, being an impostor is more exciting.

However, this does not mean that cheaters are justified. No Kill Cooldown Apart from Radar Impostor, No Kill Cooldown is a very annoying cheat. Where cheaters who become Impostors can kill Crewmates at will without a cooldown. This is considered annoying because the Impostors could immediately kill all Crewmates even at the beginning of the game. End Vote Every time a Crewmate finds a suspicious person or even finds a corpse, they will immediately hold a meeting and vote to determine who the Impostor is.

The existence of this cheat makes the discussion process stop suddenly even though the discussion session has not ended. The End Vote cheat can be used by Impostors who feel cornered to end the discussion session so they don't get killed.

Those are some of the cheats that are often used by cheaters when playing Among Us. The good news is, InnerSloth as the developer promises to improve the system to eradicate cheaters. In fact, they will also immediately block players who are detected as cheating. InnerSloth's decision will make the game Among Us fun again.

Among Us Hack cheat - a game in which you need to go on a space trip on the ship, and for this you need to prepare it for departure. But the ship has one saboteur who will brake, cause chaos or destroy the participants, vote the team and find the impostor.

This radar hack Among us game and reveal the real impostor right on your screen, aslo track all players with colors.Among Us Hack cheat is a simple way to Win every time the game.

Among us hack cheat radar 2020


  • Show All Players by Color on Radar
  • Show Impostors with red edge
  • Show Dead Crewmaters with gray edge

How to re-position:

  • Press the Delete key
  • Drag and Drop the Radar Overlay anywhere you want
  • Profit

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